Finding Forever in Loveland

Joey knows his partner is sick and tired of being sick and tired. He's starting to see the cracks in Giles' positive exterior - but he just gets accused of coddling if he tries to help. They're on their dream vacation - the most important trip of their lives - and they're ready to take that next step. If only their future wasn't hanging in the balance.

So Joey can only put one foot in front of the other, take care of Giles as much as he's allowed, and hope. With good friends, and maybe for once good luck, there's still a chance they can find their forever.

(This is a completely rewritten version of an older story originally released as "In The Moment." This version contains added scenes and secondary characters, and fits into the Loveland universe)

Reviews:Gloria Loritz on Paranormal Romance Guild wrote:

K-Lee Klein chose the perfect spot for a Valentine story. It is where my state of NY meets her country Canada. Niagara Falls for a wedding? What could be more perfect?
I have been there many times, from the USA side across the bridge to the Canadian side this majestic waterfall will be the back drop for Joey and Giles to make their vows.

The illness ‘cancer’ to any young person is devastating. But to a strong, proud man like Giles, a hockey player brought down to his knees, has had an earth shattering effect. Hey hated being helpless and now he is even sicker of feeling sick, weak.

To his love Joey, Giles is his world and the thought of losing him has been upper most in his mind. He still watches to be there, which only makes Giles furious since he is still not 100 pe cent.

The wedding is set, all plans are made. Will there be a happily ever?

Nice read…..4 ½ Stars Ms Klein….Looking forward to seeing them again