Love Between Peace & War

Philip and Dusty have been best friends since kindergarten, despite growing up in very different households. When they were younger, they never cared that Philip's parents expected him to find a career in the Air Force, while Dusty's free-spirited mother encouraged Dusty to follow his heart and forge his own path in life. Hiding their growing closeness from Philip's family was the only shadow on their lives.

Now, the turbulence of the sixties is straining their relationship. Dusty wears his hair long, writing songs of peace and going with the flow. Philip is back in town after graduating from the Air Force Academy. And Philip's parents are less and less tolerant of how close the two men are, pushing Philip to focus on his military career and settle down with a nice girl. Philip can't even imagine telling them that he wants Dusty, but keeping secrets is causing stress between him and Dusty.

In a time of war-mongering and peace signs, can two more-than-best-friends find common ground to save their love?