Book Cover: Moonstone
Part of the Stone Magic series:
  • Moonstone

“Ky’s a fighter. Blue’s an artist. But together they are truly magical.”

Ky’s fought his way to the boxing championship for the third time, but now the fight of his life isn’t against an opponent in the ring. He’s battling a darkness within himself that he can’t ignore and can’t control. If he fails, everything he’s spent his life working for will be gone, and he can’t see a path to victory. Only a hunch sends him looking for help in the most unusual places.

Blue’s a quiet guy, living for his family and the art of his tattoos. He’s created his shop, Blue’s Dungeon, to be a place for the celebration of art on skin—simple, friendly, and mostly uncomplicated—and Blue likes it that way.

But when Ky shows up in Blue’s tattoo studio, desperately searching for a lifeline, it’s the beginning of something magical for both men…

Reviews:Trisha Harrington on GoodReads wrote:

I really enjoy K-lee Klein's books and her writing. Everything of hers I've read so far has been really good and I always look forward to hearing she has more books coming out.

Moonstone is a nice story about Kye, a boxer and Blue, a tattoo artist. There is a connection between them almost straight away and it leads to a sexy encounter in Blue's shop.

There is a magical element to the story that was enjoyable and that was pretty different from everything else I've read before.

The secondary characters were great. Especially Blue's mother. She was accepting and loving and the total opposite to Kye's mother, who died when he was a child.

I'm really glad this is the first book in a series because I'd love to see more of these characters

Elisa on Elisa - Reviews and Ramblings wrote:

The relationship was hot and heavy fast but that made sense for both of the guys involved. The paranormal aspect was a new take on an old theme which is always welcome and it didn’t do the annoying thing I’ve seen lately, which is taking the place of actual character development. And the writing was clean--vivid, without being intrusive or show-offy.