Valentine’s Day with Princess Petunia

This isn't the kind of Valentine's Day Greg Parks was hoping for - stood up by his date, then showered in chocolate milk. But the adorable four-year-old milk-spiller is too cute to get mad at, and her hot dad sure does make a stood-up guy feel a lot more cheerful. Maybe Greg can find more than nostalgia at Princess Petunia's Play Palace.

Any proceeds from this book will be donated to Calgary Outlink - a hub that promotes support and community connectedness for all gender and sexually diverse people.

Publisher: K-lee Productions
Reviews:Monika on GoodReads wrote:

This was a very sweet and funny Valetine's short! I love the MCs and Darla has to be the sweetest little girl ever. It made me laugh and that's always a good thing. My only negative is the story was too short. Just as I got settled in and ready to get to know more about Bobby and Greg's lives that dreaded "The End" reared its ugly head!

I really, really want more of these guys. I need to know what happened next. K-lee Klein please tell me you're thinking of giving us more of Greg, Bobby and Darla's story. (less)