Lazy Sundays, the novel

(coming November/December, 2017)

Scott Weston is a self-proclaimed, obsessive-compulsive geek and he's okay with that. He's fine with his pathetic social life, his family issues, and the occasional one-night stand, until he finds himself waking up next to the same man on multiple mornings—more than two or three or four actually.

Devon seems like a rugged, long-haired, tattooed god, and for some odd reason he seems to like Scott more than Scott likes himself. Devon oozes masculinity and confidence, with a dash of mystery on the side. And Scott remains baffled as to why he keeps ending up in his bed. Not that he's of complaining.

They have nothing in common and yet, unbelievably, their connection only seems to be growing. Still, Scott is wary of falling for a guy so far out of his league that he's in space. He knows he'll end up heartbroken. He should rein in his feelings, but he's too far gone. At least he'll always have memories of their lazy Sundays together.

Devon Ducaine likes Scott. It's as simple and complicated as that. He wants to spend time with him, wants to give him chocolates and flowers on Valentine's Day, and even meet his family. So what if Devon's job is out-of-the-ordinary and Scott's is more traditional? So what if Scott's glass is always half-empty and Devon's half-full? So what if Scott thinks Devon isn't his type or they don't have anything in common? 

All Devon cares about is Scott and he'll do anything to make him smile and help him realize just how awesome he is. Devon wants Scott to see that he's falling in love, but when misunderstandings and family members come into conflict, Devon may just end up with only his memories of perfect Sundays to keep him warm.